Sensory toys for your baby!

Do you know how important for your little one is a proper sensory integration? 

SuperToy MR B line has been specifically designed to support the proper development of a baby by stimulating its senses.


High colour contrasts of black, white and red stimulate baby’s sight from the first weeks of life.


Rattling and crinkle elements in toys help to stimulate the sense of hearing, affecting its normal development, which is extremely important in the later learning of speaking.


Stimulating the sense of touch is extremely important in the normal development of the baby. Toys form SuperToy MR B line are made of materials of different textures, embroidery and tags, which support the infant in exploring the world around. The newborn learns to associate with objects and respond appropriately to stimuli (eg. Warmth of SuperZabawka MR B).

Hey! I’m MR B. I’m your best friend from the first day of your life. Together with your loved ones we care about your proper development. I have a different super powers. I warm up your belly to cope with colic. I help you fall asleep. I keep you company while walking, making you feel comfortable. I was specifically designed with the use of contrasting colors and special materials that help you to develop your senses through play. I love to be a part of your world!

SuperToy MR B

Hello! I’m Baby MR B, although Instagram’s fans call me as Sweety (just look at me;)) I’m small rattle. I spend all day with you, entertain you with my sound on a walk or at home. Thanks to a clever straps I can be attached to slightly everything ex. baby  crib or even a mummy’s bag. You love to tousle my long ears that brings your itching gums a relief. I have contrasting colors that perfectly stimulate your sight. And I will always be with you!

Baby MR B

Hi! It is Ime, your beloved crinkle toy! We spend spend all time togehter discovering the world around. My variety of materials, various textures, labels and embroidery stimulates your sense of touch and learn appropriate responses to stimuli. Crinkle sound encourages you to play with me, which helps you to unload energy and calm down. I also stimulates your sense of hearing. Together we create a perfect duet for pranks and fun!

Mini MR B

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