Always on guard

Three little, cuddly toys designed in a geometric style. Thanks to the special loop and snaps you can easily attach teethers and pacifiers and they will always stay where they belong. Guardians keep pacifiers and teethers close to the baby’s mouth and they help baby more easily retrieve the pacifier/teether. If baby loses its pacifier during sleep it will be easier to find it with our guardians. You can also attach Guardians to the baby carriage, crib etc.

Cute pacifier holders are perfect friends to keep around!

  • soft, certified fabrics
  • carefully calculated weight and size
  • light and easy to play with
  • modern shapes
  • ribbons and clips to attach pacifiers and teethers
  • easy to wash
  • suitable for most pacifiers and teethers
  • suitable for babies from 1 month

You can choose from 3 different characters:

KIC – cute bunny with long, soft ears

RIK – friendly lynx from a wild forest

GUF – sweet Akita Inu buddy


KIC – 18 cm x 17cm (with ears)

RIK – 9 cm x 10 cm

GUF – 9 cm x 10 cm


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